Notifications Transfer and Posting (Gazetted), 2023

Transfer of Gazetted Officers29-12-2023Download
Transfer of Mr. Takhleeq Zaman Principal BS-1929-12-2023Download
Transfer of Ms. Sadia Riaz Principal BS-1919-12-2023Download
Seniority List of Deputy Secretaries, AJK Secretariat Service01-09-2023Download
Transfers/Posting of Superintendents of AJK Police22-08-2023Download
Posting of Private Secretaries to Ministers AJK22-08-2023Download
Transfer/ Deputation of officers of Accountant General Office 23-05-2023Download
Deputation Period of Mr. Wajid Latif Assistant Account Officer 23-05-2023Download
Retirement of Mr. Raja Azhar Iqbal, Director General Public Relations 14-04-2023Download
Retirement of Mr. Zareen Khan Officiating Director Agriculture 14-04-2023Download
Retirement of Mr. Almass Abbassi Officiating Director Agriculture14-04-2023Download
Retirement of Mr. Ibrar Hussain Shah Divisional Director E&SE14-04-2023Download
Retirement of Mr. Tariq Mahmood Banday 14-04-2023Download
Retirement of Mr. Waheed-Ul-Zafar Gillani, Director Planning & Monitoring Bs- 19 Energy & Water Resources Department 29-03-2023Download
Transfer of Ms. Uzma Begum & Ms. Ghulam Shehnaz Associate Professor B-19 29-03-2023Download
Retirement of Ms. Rahila Kazmi Associate Professor Zialogy 29-03-2023Download
Deputation of Ms. Fouzia Ashraf Lecturer (BS-17) English 27-03-2023Download
Interim Seniority List of Director (BS-19) of livestock & Dairy Development Department27-03-2023Download
Promotion of Dr Ijaz Khan Director Livestock as DG Animal Husbandry BS-2022-03-2023Download
Promotions of Dr Zafar Iqbal as Director Animal Health Diagnostic 22-03-2023Download
Promotions of Executive Engineers / Deputy Director Energy and Water Resources Department 22-03-2023Download
Promotions of Hafiz Rehmatullah Tasawar Chief Draftsman BS-18 as Secretary Council Islamic Ideology 22-03-2023Download
Promotions of Associate Professors BS-19 of Higher Education Department as Principals BS-2022-03-2023Download
Promotions of Conservators of Forests as Chief Conservators 22-03-2023Download
Appointment/ Posting / Transvers of Officers in AJK Administrative / Secretariat / Police Service22-03-2023Download
Time Scale Incentive BS-18 in Favor of Ms. Beenish Jarral 21-03-2023Download
Transfer of Deputy Secretaries from Secretariat 15-03-2023Download
Promotion of Private Secretaries on Regular Basis15-03-2023Download
Final Seniority List among Head of Attached Departments BS-1915-03-2023Download
Promotion of Mr. Shouket Ali Sidiqui as Section Officer BS-1715-03-2023Download
Shifting post of Special Secretary Finance to the Budget of S&GAD14-03-2023Download
Transfers/ Posting from Police Department14-03-2023Download
Current Charge Promotion of Private Secretaries/ Assistants in Civil Secretariat 08-03-2023Download
Deputation of Mr. Shahnawaz Khan Account officer BS-1808-03-2023Download
Current Charge Appointment of Mr. Yasin as Superintendent Police07-03-2023Download
Appointment of Assistants17-02-2023Download
Transfer of Officer from MG Group 17-02-2023Download
Optional Retirement of Ms. Farzana Shahheen17-02-2023Download
Extension in deputation period of Ms. Faiza Zareen 17-02-2023Download
Appointment of Mr. Raja Mansoor Ahmed Khan as Special Political Assistant to PM GoAJ&K for Climate Change16-02-2023Download
Appointment of Mr. Raja Mansoor Ahmed Khan as Special Political Assistant to PM GoAJ&K for Climate Change16-02-2023Download
Appointment of Mr. Sardar Gul-e-Khandan as
Vice Chairman, Local Govt. Board Neelum
Appointment of Mr. Faheem Ahmed Khan as Chairman, Prime Minister's Inspection & Implementation Commission Bagh16-02-2023Download
Transfer of Secretaries to Govt. 15-02-2023Download
Transfer/ Current Charge promotions of officers 14-02-2023Download
Promotion of Mr. Khalid Naeem as SSP (BS-19) AIGP (Legal)14-02-2023Download
Transfer of officers 14-02-2023Download
Seniority of Officers in Health Department 13-01-2023Download
Approval for declaring Secretary Papulation Welfare as Ex- Officio Secretary Transport/ Chairman Transport Authority 12-01-2023Download