Notifications Transfer and Posting (Gazetted), 2024

Pomotion of Faisal Mughal AC (Dadyal) as Secy. Transport Authority BS-1810-07-2024Download
Pomotion of Deputy Secretaries BS-18 as Officiating31-05-2024Download
Promotion of Supreintendents (BS-17) as SO's(BS-17) as Officiating08-05-2024Download
Amendment in Police Service Cadre17-04-2024Download
Transfer of Mr. Rashid Hanif as Special Secretary Health Department13-03-2024Download
Transfers of Secretaries/Commissioners to Govt AJ&K06-03-2024Download
Retirement approval of Principal (BS-19)/Associate Professor Economics(BS-19)22-02-2024Download
Transfer of Mr. Syed Sajid Hussain Shah (Superintendent BPS-17)22-02-2024Download
Transfer of Dr. Abdul Rehman BPS-19 (APSO, CMH MZD)20-02-2024Download
Retirement approval of Mr. Arif Mahmood DC (Neelum)15-02-2024Download
Posting of Mr. Muhammad Qadeer as AC (Sharda)07-02-2024Download
Transfers/Posting of Deputy Secretaries (BPS-18)08-02-2024Download
Transfers/Posting of Additional Secretaries (BPS-19) 07-02-2024Download
Retirement approval of Professor (BS-20)/Associate Professors (BS-19)06-02-2024Download
Transfer of Mr. Abdul QadIr Qazi (Assistant BS-16) to Dept of Sports, Youth & Culture26-01-2024Download
Deputation end of Ms. Mehreen Gillani (Senior Chief BS 20, P&DD)24-01-2024Download
Retirement of Mr. Asif Zaib, Director Audit (BS-19)24-01-2024Download
Additional Charge to Mr. Kamran Ali (Senior Superintendent Police)24-01-2024Download
Appointment of Mr. Nasir Ali Shah as Personal Assistant BS-1617-01-2024Download
Transfer of Principal's BPS-19 and 2018-01-2024Download
Transfer of Ms. Shaheen Kousar (Professor BPS-20)18-01-2024Download
Additional Charge of ACS(D) to Miss Midhat Shahzad ACS(G)18-01-2024Download
Transfer of Secretaries to Governement AJ&K18-01-2024Download
Appointment of Mr. Waqas Mushtaq as Personal Assistant BS-1615-01-2024Download
Appointment of Mr. Rafiq Abbasi with Advisor to Govt. AJ&K15-01-2024Download
Appointment of Mr. Shabbir Abbasi as Private Secretary (BPS-17)15-01-2024Download
Officers Promotion of Civil Secretariat15-01-2024Download
Transfer of Officers of Central Transport Pool12-01-2024Download
Appointment of Mr. Syed Basharat Hussain Shah as Private Secretary (BPS-17)10-01-2024Download
Appointment of Ms. Midhat Shahzad as ACS(G)11-01-2024Download
Transfer/Posting of Officers11-01-2024Download
Transfer/Posting of Deputy Secretaries09-01-2024Download
Appointment of Mr. Tafakhar Ali Asdi as Accountant General, AJ&K09-01-2024Download
Appointment of Mr. Islam Rahi as Personal Assistant BS-1605-01-2024Download
Promotion Of Section Officers of Civil Secretariat01-01-2024Download
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